Dec 14, 2020

Nonsuch Brewing Co.

Photo by Gabrielle Touchette Photography

“It’s been really quite stressful and difficult given the uncertainty of everything. We’re trying to make decisions and we’re still technically a startup so we have a large degree of uncertainty built right into our everyday lives, add in a pandemic and it’s like shooting into the dark. During the initial ramp down in March we had no idea what was going to happen and then as things got better we ramped up aggressively to try and reestablish ourselves as fast as possible, trying to rehire as fast as possible, just to have to ramp right back down again. So those parts have been really challenging.”

“There have also some really great positives to all of this. Our team in general has been incredibly supportive and with the various difficult decisions. Both times where we announced significant layoffs we were thanked for our efforts and told that was the right move from the very people that were receiving that kind of news. To tell someone you can no longer work here, temporarily of course, and then to be thanked is weird. We’re thankful to have the people that we have and we do our best to communicate our thoughts and our messages as much as possible but it really boils down to the people and how ready and willing they are to do what it takes to keep this dream alive. So as difficult as this has been, and quite frankly continues to be, there are some special moments that have brought us closer together.” 

“We are trying to give our customers every opportunity to shop local, there’s the far more traditional way of supporting us by going to the various vendors or Liquor Marts to buy our product there. Then becoming more and more popular are the other choices like shopping online, so buying direct through our website either for delivery or pickup which we do five days a week, Tuesdays to Saturdays. We offer same day delivery on all orders received before 2 p.m. as well as pickup within 30 minutes of placing the order.” 

“We have an exciting month ahead with a number of really good gift ideas. We just recently announced the Shared Experience, where groups of people can order these packages together and they’ll all receive the same combination of beer, cured meat and cheese and then they can all taste them and talk about the different flavours and how they compare to each other over a Zoom call. We’re also launching t-shirts very soon, we’re really excited about it, we’ve been looking for four and a half years and were quite particular about what we wanted – this is probably the softest cotton you will ever feel in your life. We also do prints on our website, our brand artist has created numerous prints throughout the course of his career so we carry those on our website as well. And then of course there’s all the food, we have bread for home delivery and pickup, we have charcuterie for home delivery and for pickups and then we have a reduced menu which includes our Chips avec Dip, our Le Burger, and our Squash Salad that folks can order for pickup. The fromage cheese board is also for delivery and pickup.”

“If someone is wondering what the best possible way to support Nonsuch is, without question it would be to place an order for pickup or second best home-delivery. That’s where we retain the most dollars. That’s probably the best possible way to support us right now.

Our website is our phone number is 204-NONSUCH. You can text us at 204-813-7062 or show up in person at 125 Pacific Avenue.”

– Matthew Sabourin, President, Nonsuch Brewing Co.



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