Dec 04, 2020


Lacoste Garden Centre

Story by Jordyn Wegner Photo by Gabrielle Touchette Photography

“When COVID hit in spring we were already setting up a webstore. We were nervous about getting into online sales, it’s really hard to communicate what we do in a clickable format. What we have is an experience retail space, our boutique and greenhouse is exploratory. So COVID forced us to get into the web game.” 

“In spring, garden centres, not just Lacoste but all garden centres, were really relevant at the time. We were one of the few places you could go and shop, so a lot of people discovered plants for the first time. 30 percent of foot traffic this spring was completely new to garden centres, a lot of first time gardeners.”

“COVID has probably had the biggest negative impact this Christmas. We’ve seen a huge drop in sales. We are selling way more live trees right now than typically if we were open but that’s not the main thing we do at Christmas, we have more inventory in our decor than we do Christmas trees. It’s harder for people to shop for those things that are more fun, you go with your friends or your mom and browse through garden centres but online is a little more difficult. We try to have the experience online but it’s tough.”

“Manitobans have been supporting our business – since spring on we’ve had a lot of people talking about shopping local and this Christmas season a lot of people have reached out to us saying they want to shop local when they would normally buy something at a big box store. So the best way to support us right now is check out our webstore, give us a call, email. If you have any special requests or don’t see something on the website, don’t think we don’t have it, we might just not have it up. We’re working around the clock to get our products up on the web store. Also, follow us on social media, we’re usually posting stuff as it comes in. Most of the stuff we post are the hot items that sell fast.” 

“We are grateful we can sell our product online and thankful that people are supporting us, our family and employees. We’re a family business but we’ve got employees that have been with us for a long time so you’re supporting them as well.”

-Jordan Hiebert, Lacoste Garden Centre

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