Jan 28, 2021


Bernstein's Deli

Story by Jordyn Wegner Photo by Gabrielle Touchette

“We certainly saw a decline in foot traffic before being shut down, and operating with a large dining room that we’re not allowed to use makes the space feel different. We are lucky that we have a grocery section because that has been a bit busier than normal, but not enough to offset restaurant business loss. We want everyone to know that our restaurant is completely open for take-out and delivery. If you live nearby we can do our own delivery just call us. If you are more than 4 km away please use Door Dash to order delivery.

Lots of our loyal regular customers, as well as people who are just discovering us, are phoning to place orders, either getting delivery or curbside pickup, and we’re losing a lot of the browsing and impulse shopping. We’ve seen a pretty steady expiration of niche items we bring in because of this. We donate expired items to Agape Table every three or four weeks, so they’re still being used; it’s just a lost opportunity on our end. This is a small price to pay considering how many other businesses were completely closed, but also a lost opportunity for the community. We try and bring in local and Canada-made goods that are not widely available, often these items also fall into organic, vegan or gluten free categories.

Now with the requirements for people to stay home if they have any symptoms at all, we’ve had to be overstaffed every day so that when one or two people call in sick, it’s not catastrophic. We’ve seen our labour costs go up quite a bit. We’ve had people miss up to a week of work only to find out that their COVID test was negative. We are lucky and proud that we have had no positive COVID cases linked to our business or staff and we have all obtained our Clean It Right certification so we know that we are upholding the recommended standards for sanitizing and disinfecting.

We’re looking in the next three to six months to have a full online shop of what’s in our store available. Currently, we have the entire restaurant menu online, but our grocery is limited. The best thing to do is come in or phone us. If you’re comfortable shopping in person, we never have more than four or five customers in here at a time. It’s a safe, clean environment. We’re happy to arrange delivery or curbside pickup for those who cannot come in. Please note that same day delivery cannot be guaranteed for orders placed after 12 pm.

We’re a Jewish deli, but we’re not kosher, so we have a wide variety of typical things you’d see like sliced deli meats, salads like coleslaw, potato salad and egg salad. We roast our own meats and poach fresh salmon and make fresh salmon salad with it. Our freezer section has over 30 different soups, all made in-house including lots of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. We make Jewish foods you won’t see at a lot of other places like chopped liver, gefilte fish, potato latkes and chicken schnitzel, to name a few. We try to carry niche products that you will not find at other stores. And we bring in fresh baking from City Bread and Gunn’s Bakery.” 

-Aaron Bernstein

To support Bernstein’s Deli, 

Visit: bernsteinsdeli.com


Store (general) 204-488-4552

Restaurant (direct) 204-509-2394

Deli (direct) 204-509-8754

Email [email protected] (if questions aren’t pressing; they will be answered the next day)



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